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Dear Friends,

Danielle+zfat jpg.jpgAt just 18 years old, Danielle Chaya Bat Aviva has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor (may G-d have mercy). In conjunction with the expert medical care Danielle Chaya will be getting, our Sages and beloved Rebbe have stressed and emphasized time and time again that Doctors are only messenger of G-d and it is incumbent upon us to assist them in accomplishing their task. 

Danielle Chaya needs OUR help. 
Prayers and good deeds have the proven power to change the judgement of G-d and bring protection and salvation for the person in whose merit these deeds are done.   

Please take upon yourself a new Mitzvah that you will do on a regular basis. May the power of our combined good deeds storm the heavens and bring a Refuah Shlaima Ukrovah (a complete and speedy healing) to Danielle Chaya bat Aviva.
Below is a list of suggested Mitzvot, however feel free to pick any Mitzvah you would like. Click on the links below to learn more about the meaning and practical applications of these Mitzvot.
♦ Mezuzah
♦ Kosher 
♦ Shabbat

To make a donation in honor of Danielle Chaya, click here.  

"Register" Your Mitzvah
The Zfat family will be informed of every new mitzvah commitment that is made. In addition, you can leave well wishes and blessings in the comments section below.
First Name:   
Last Name:  
Hebrew Name:
I take upon myself the following Mitzvah in merit of Danielle Chaya bat Aviva for a complete and speedy recovery:
Thank you for joining this campaign, and giving tremendous spiritual and emotional support to Danielle Chaya and her entire family!
May we all be blessed with ONLY blessings, health and good news! 
Rabbi Yankie Denburg - Chabad of Southwest Coral Springs
Rabbi Avraham Friedman - Chabad of Coral Springs 



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